Seal the Deal Sözleri

Seal the Deal Sözleri

Now that I know what it’s like to fall freely
I can taste blood for the ones who I envy
trying to make it right, they won’t catch me
now that I know, just watch what I’ll do

Watch me break
watch me gently breakin’ both our hearts
watch me gently breakin’
watch me gently breakin’ our hearts

Now that I’ve sealed the deal
I don’t know how to feel
now that I know that it’s for real
just how am I supposed to feel?

What do you do when your mind won’t reconcile
with the thing you are wanting to part by a mile
trying to make them right like a sonnet
neither one will give in so I’m down from it

Watch me fake
watch me fakin’ that I know just what to do
watch me plainly fakin’
meanwhile I’ve got a stake in a heart

[chorus x2]

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